“Coming Home”

The “Coming Home” show took place Thursday, September 24 from 7-9 (drinks and dinner from 6-7) at Brau Brothers in Marshall Minnesota.

Nadine Stevens “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Commit to a Life in the Theatre

Nadine Schmidt

Actor, director, theatre professor, and second-generation native Floridian, Nadine has lived in South Dakota since 2003, and has taught at SMSU since 2004. Her journey from Tallahassee to Marshall forms part of the story she’ll be telling. Nadine lives with her husband, their two boys, and two cats, in an old Victorian house on the edge of a tiny town. When she’s not in class or rehearsal, Nadine enjoys baking; exploring historic sites, museums, and parks with her family; making things with fabric and yarn; and reading Harry Potter books out loud to her children, while doing all the different voices and accents.

Davontay Stevens “Home Away from Home

Davontay Stevens

 Southwest Minnesota State University Student-Athlete and Florida native Davontay Stevens has lived in Minnesota since fall of 2010. His courage to leave Florida to come to Minnesota was challenging but he has founds ways to cope with being far away from home. When Davontay is not is class or at football practice, he enjoys playing video games, shopping, listening to music and working out.

Russ Berreth “When is a Home a House Again?”

Russ Berreth

Russ Berreth is a radio announcer from KKCK-FM in Marshall, Minnesota. He was raised in South Dakota and attended SMSU when it was SSU. Along with working, he’s figuring out the whole dad thing, cat wrangling, and being a geek when time allows. You can beat him in most video games but don’t test his trivia knowledge.

Jim Hubley “Ernie Banks

Jim Hubley

Jim Hubley came to Southwest Minnesota State College to go to a party and stayed for an education. He graduate from SMSC in 1974. He held various jobs in the area then found his niche as a veterans service officer. He held this job for 28 years, retiring in 2010. Long interested in oral history and the power of storytelling, he commuted nights to South Dakota State University where he earned a MA in literature. Later, he commuted nights to Minnesota State Mankato where he earned an MFA in creative writing. Jim has told stories and taught storytelling throughout southwest Minnesota to many age groups; children through senior citizens. He’s also taught as an adjunct in SMSU’s English Department for 25 years. In his spare time, Jim enjoys reading, watching sports, wood burning and carving, camping, flower gardening, and driving a school bus, which he calls the best job in the world because “the problems are all behind you.” He says that if anyone doubts the face of Marshall is changing, they just need to come ride his school bus. Jim feels the same passion for storytelling that we at MAST feel. He said “stories are at the heart of the human experience” and we couldn’t agree more.

Josh Thoreson “Dad, Just Call Car Talk. They Fix Everything!

Josh Thoreson

Josh Thoreson, a library staff person and adjunct at SMSU, first decided to move to Marshall and attend SMSU after he found out that at the time 66% of SMSU students were female.  He said when he realized there was a 2 to 1 ratio he never even considered other schools.  Of course, his parents were told the draw was the prestigious Latin program. Josh spent most of the next 9 years as a SMSU student, and met his wife in the cafeteria. Father of two, a weekend photographer, a volunteer firefighter, Josh says life is never boring and says he is “very proud to say I can still touch my nose with my toes.”

Megan Pratt “On Hallowed Ground

Megan Pratt CH

Mom, stepmom, gramma – 2004 SMSU grad Megan Pratt answers to just about everything, including Miz P – by the 150 high school students she just took on in her first year of teaching. Call her crazy, brave, or just kind of cracked, but don’t call her Mrs. Pratt. Megan’s time at SMSU can be measured in bruises – falling on the ice, falling down two sets of stairs leading to the BA/CH link, and falling once in the middle of the hallway after tripping over nothing with an appreciative audience. She relates that to college and life in general – when you fall down, it’s freaking hilarious for other people!


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